Who We Are

We are an elite network of Information Technology professionals, educators and students dedicated to continuing education, professional growth, leadership, and the exploration of issues that face the IT industry. Members in the RTP Chapter work in Life Science, Consulting, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Service, Entrepreneurship and Software industries.

Our Mission

RTP AITP is the thought leader for Information Technology Professionals. We provide leadership, education, collaboration, networking, and professional development opportunities that nurture and empower the RTP community.

Adopted 2011.

Core Values

  • Service: We keep current in technology, business, and academia. We contribute to the Association, IT profession, and society utilizing leadership, appropriate solutions, and sound processes.
  • Integrity: We value professionalism and uphold the AITP Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Respect: We build an inclusive environment through mentoring, delivering on commitments, working together with trust, and enjoying the camaraderie of each other.
  • Innovation: We learn, share insights, and encourage our members to make a difference today and for the future.

AITP has been great for my career! I have met a lot of cool people and fantastic contacts in the industry. Thanks AITP!
— RR, Technology Specialist



The Association of Information Technology Professionals has been representing information technology professionals in the United States and Canada, since 1951 when the organization began in Chicago.


Local Beginnings

In 1952, the RTP Chapter was the fifth chapter chartered by our national organization. Like the profession, the chapter and the national organization have evolved with the explosion and pervasiveness of technology in the workplace and our lives.

Regional Organization

Region 18 of AITP includes 19 chapters covering North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and western Pennsylvania.  It was formed when region 1 and region 8 merged together.